Found via the OCURITY ad in the back of the March issue of WIRED. Ad for Repo Men movie/becoming a "repo man" contained tattoos on the RepoMens' necks, ADFORO and CURITY. Put them together and you get ADFOROCURITY. In other words, an "AD FOR OCURITY." Flip to the back of the magazine to find an ad for Ocurity-made retinal-scanning sunglasses. There's a barcode that supposedly leads to a promotional offer; when scanned by redlaser (app for iPhone; not sure if other barcode scanning apps on different phone platforms work, though the barcode does register to actual Ocurity sunglasses in the UPC Database), links you to


Each of the Runners is supplied a task to do on a certain day. The list of tasks is available via the ARGUS website. ARGUS updates with any new info at 8:30 AM PST. If the Runners fail to complete their daily task, their organ tracker goes live and we are given GPS coordinates via the RepoMen official game website, accessible through to registered hunters.

Tasks related to specific datesEdit

004 Watch the Olympics closing ceremonies in a public place. (February 28, 2010)

737 On St. Patrick's Day, wear a green hat but no other green. (March 17, 2010)

411 Go see Repo Men on opening night. (March 19, 2010)

History of TasksEdit

posted to ARGUS website on 2/27/10 * 8:38 PST

Alex asked to do task #601: Jog or walk with a towel around your neck outside for at least an hour.

Ciji asked to do task #535: Get coffee or tea at the same location 3 times today.

Usman asked to do task #825: Spend an hour by a large public fountain.

Will asked to do task #611: Send a photograph of 2 of your meals in the same day.

"Information is Argus Verified"

Wizard of OzEdit

The rated trailer features codes every time it cuts to the white/barcode graphic.