This is the string of Text messages sent to Portaplaya in the field at Emerald City Comic Con.

Lrkr 9:38am: hey, it's Lrkr, fake evan can't be on the ground today, let me know if you need support.

Portaplay 9:43am: Got me and wife on ground. How many others?

Lrkr 9:45am: you two are it:(. trying to find out if there's anyone else I can get on the ground. if alex is in seattle, her task is to visit the aquarium, opened at 9:30. has to stay for 2 hours.

Portaplaya 10:02am: Box office says 12000 people Sat. Expect 9000 or more today. Oh boy!

Lrkr 10:02am: *sigh*. well, i guess the best we can do is hope...

Lrkr 10:12am: tweet online---from guildwars2 account--"I am at ECCC. If you find me, I might have something for you. wearing an Anet jacket, easy to find."

Portaplaya 10:24am: What is anet?

Lrkr 10:26am: Arenanet--just found SAME tweet on their account!!!

Portaplaya 10:27am: Could use booth num to lurk.

Lrkr 10:28am: pulling up as we speak.....

Lrkr 10:29am: arenanet artists at I-08 and I-09...looking for more

Portaplaya 10:36am: Artists but no anet logos

Lrkr 10:35am: it makes sense....i'm still looking, found nothing else. I think that may bw the contact

Lrkr 11:10am: passed it on

Portaplaya 2:39pm: 2.5 hours to go and contact is still wandering like he is waiting for contact

Lrkr 2:40pm: wow, totally missed your last txt!! awesome!! what's he/she doing?

Lrkr 2:42pm: you should ask before you leave (at close) if they were the contact

Portaplaya 3:06pm: Contact is going in circles with daughter. Occ. acting like he is ducking pursuit. Will ask @ 5pm

Lrkr 3:07pm: urgh, just hope we're right about that being his contact and that tweet wasn't for something else:(