This page lists the given tasks for Usman Akeju for each day, whether they completed it or not, and supplies the completion evidence (pics, vids, posts, etc.) recieved by Groundswell Inc.

The list of possible tasks, supplied to the runners by Groundswell Inc., can be found here.

Tasks GivenEdit

Note to editors, if not verified by ARGUS, please note. (On Argus site, check lower left corner of posts)

  • 2/25- #018: Unlisted/Currently Unknown, likely a typo for "#028 Sit in on a class or lecture at a college or other school."
  • 2/26- #901: Go to a local library and read a Neil Gaiman book there for at least one hour.
  • 2/27- #825: Spend an hour by a large public fountain.
  • 2/28- #835: Sing at a karaoke bar.
  • 3/1- #341: Ride a municipal train.
  • 3/2- #028: Sit in on a class or lecture at a college or other school. (Task code in movie trailer: S-028)
  • 3/3- #417: Leave runner cards in 10 copies of Wired magazine in a public location.
  • 3/4- #760: Buy a copy of Wired magazine off a newsstand and walk around with it all day.
  • 3/5- #016: Tell a stranger your life story.
  • 3/6- #459: Wear one or more feathers visibly somewhere on you for the day.
  • 3/7- #299: Play an instrument in public.
  • 3/8- #704: In public, eat the largest ice cream cone a local shop offers.
  • 3/9- #177: Skate at a skating rink. CAPTURED DURING TASK