This page lists the given tasks for Ciji Thornton for each day, whether they completed it or not, and supplies the completion evidence (pics, vids, posts, etc.) recieved by Groundswell Inc.

The list of possible tasks, supplied to the runners by Groundswell Inc., can be found here.

Tasks GivenEdit

  • 2/25- #045: Spend one hour in the evening sitting by a fire somewhere.
  • 2/26- #876: Post at least 3 times today to #repomen.
  • 2/27- #535: Get coffee or tea at the same location 3 times today.
  • 2/28- #004: Watch the Olympics closing ceremonies in a public place.
  • 3/1- #911: Go to a Gap store and try on at least 5 pairs of jeans.
  • 3/2- #609: Send an email to someone hunting you. (We will give you their email address.) (Task code in movie trailer: D-609)
  • 3/3- #301: Read your favorite comic book on a bus or subway for at least 30 minutes.
  • 3/4- #859: Go to 2 video stores and ask about the film Catch Me if You Can.
  • 3/5- #009: Dance for at least 5 minutes in a public square.
  • 3/6- #013: Go to a bar and chat with at least 5 people about the Vanish hunt.
  • 3/7- #826: Have a public artist paint or draw your caricature, and get it to us.
  • 3/8- #956: Have a meal at a pizzeria that sells gluten-free pizza.
  • 3/9- #455: Run or jog a mile at night, wearing a light.