This page lists the given tasks for Alex Gamble for each day, whether they completed it or not, and supplies the completion evidence (pics, vids, posts, etc.) recieved by Groundswell Inc.

The list of possible tasks, supplied to the runners by Groundswell Inc., can be found here.

Tasks GivenEdit

  • 2/25- #254: Go to a restaurant and order by asking nearby patrons what they recommend.
  • 2/26- #118: Go see a PG-rated movie.
  • 2/27- #601: Jog or walk with a towel around your neck outside for at least an hour.
  • 2/28- #669: Buy a copy of a disappearance-related book.
  • 3/1- #833: Leave runner cards in at least 3 coffee shops.
  • 3/2- #521: Spend an hour at an outdoor monument. (Task code in movie trailer: L-521)
  • 3/3- #291: Watch an NBA basketball game, start to finish, in a bar.
  • 3/4- #067: Ride a public bus till the end of its run, then ride it back to where you started. (Union clarification via Twitter: at least 15 stops each way)
  • 3/5- #597: Have a stranger photograph you at a well-known tourist spot.
  • 3/6- #677: Call in to a local or national radio show, using your real identity.
  • 3/7- #148: Poll at least 20 people on whether they know what Parkour is.
  • 3/8- #925: Visit the headquarters of the local newspaper where you are.
  • 3/9- #049: Workout at a gym for at least an hour.
  • 3/10- #111: Leave a runner card at 5 different locations.
  • 3/11- #987: Ask 3 people for directions to a prominent site in your city.
  • 3/12- #522: End all your conversations today with the words “I’m sorry, I’ve got to run.”
  • 3/13- #037: Order a “Runner’s Special” at 3 different bars.
   (We have determined that one of the bars is the Blue Donkey in NYC's Upper Westside. Compare pictures found here and here
  • 3/14- #719: Spend 2 hours at a zoo or aquarium. (chosen by @eviltikimonkey)
  • 3/15- #466: Wear an orange sweatshirt all day one day. (chosen by @shinma22)
  • 3/16- #705: Take a 2-minute video of yourself in a public place and send it to us.
  • 3/17- #691: Attend a charity auction or similar charity event.
  • 3/18- #127: Attend any kind of outdoor fair or festival.
  • 3/19- #411: Go see Repo Men on opening night AND #751 Go to an establishment twice today, changing your disguise the second time.