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"The Hunt's Runners include Ciji, who has spent hours imagining how she'd disguise herself; Usman, whose whereabouts shift with Heisenbergian uncertainty; Alex, a self-described "smart, sassy, athletic girl who loves adventure"; and Will, a former Army soldier who trained NATO forces in SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape) school."[1]

Runner PostersEdit

Below is a link to posters of the four runners. These posters include tags at the bottom for people to take. Tags include the tipline number and the address should the person wish to join the hunt.

Runner GearEdit

All the runners were given gear to help them evade us and complete their tasks. As we find out what gear they use, we should add it here.

  • Phone: AT&T Samsung SGH-A167 (prepaid)

Camara: Canon SD1100 <Chriffer>

Cmaera: Canon Powershot Sd 1100 IS <kylethehobo> #repoalex

  • Laptop (Guess): With Photoshop CS4 <Chriffer> and Verison wireless card
  • Debit card
  • Plane Tickets (To start the adventure)

Ciji Marie ThorntonEdit


Ciji Thornton

Offer Number: DOROTHY Case Number: 0501573116 Organ: Eye

  • Captured!

Usman O.(Olukemi?) AkejuEdit

  • Captured!

Offer Number: SCARECROW

Case Number: 0501573046

Organ: Kidney

Usman facebook small

Usman Akeju

Usman's middle name is possibly "Olukemi". A google for one Usman O. Akeju brings up family members.. One name stands out, Aisha Olukemi Akeju. Possible relative/sister?

Since the runners have probably changed their appearance, for photoshopped images created by YukiNoKiara, go Here She's up for photoshopping any other images you might need done. We also have images of Usman taken from a video he made at MIT. Obviously he'll be older, but this still might help.

More photos

Google Groups activity. [[1]]

Short Bio on Usman:

Alexandra Caitlin GambleEdit

Offer Number: LION

Case Number: 0501573056

Organ: Liver

Alex dreadcentral

Alex Gamble

Has a mac, and a Pc [2]

Will Michael La FerriereEdit

Offer Number: WOODMAN

Case Number: 0501573036

Organ: Heart

Will dreadcentral

Will LaFerriere

Pretty sure this is him because he's a fan of Lone Shark Games

  • CouchSurfing profile, as confirmed by the Union site:
  • Oregon class 2001
  • Smoker?
  • Likely musician (string instrument, probably guitar)
  • According to his profile with The Union, he plays guitar and can't live without it. - melpoemene
  • Possible interest in chess
  • DOB: October 27, 1982 (provided leaked Facebook info is accurate)

3/1/2010 - Will fails to complete tasks, GPS info posted 3/9/2010 - Will fails again, GPS info posted

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