This section should be for information relating directly to clues provided regarding PAST runners (i.e. Marko Radzak, Ophelia Mitchell, etc.), including relevant evidence that may lead elsewhere, but refers to said runners. When solved, information should be put into the "solved puzzles" section.

Marko RadzakEdit

From an e-mail sent to Lost9:

Thank you for contacting the ARGUS network. You are receiving this automated email because you have inquired about: DETECTIVE WOODRUFF

Your ARGUS search produced the following excerpted results: ARGUS TIP #213n/71Z: ...known criminal Marko Radzak was arrested on March 3, 2010, by Detective Woodruff of the Philadelphia Police Department (phone: 267-240-4714). Radzak's multiple artiforgs showed signs of incompatibility with his M.5 Neural Net webjack. This allows Radzak intermittent access to the Groundswell pirate satellite network, which can be accessed by uploading to ARGUS a 10-second sample of...

We hope these search results produced the information you desired. Thank you for your inquiry with the ARGUS Network.

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It came with the below attachment.