Subject: Attention All Senior Repo Men!
From: Argus, The Union <>
To All Repo Men:
We have lost touch with Groundswell yet again. Our last intel told us there exists a video with all four current case :subjects in their launch point of Los Angeles, but we have no information where it is. Find it, and with luck we will break :Groundswell's transmission path yet again. Your vigilance is greatly appreciated.
Norta Navette
Security Specialist
The Union

        • Post your intel to public feeds, and report any breakthrough information about runners to this email:***
The Union
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  • Note that Norta Navette possibly translates to NORTA, the "New Orleans Regional Transportation Authority" and Navette, the French word for "shuttle". Is this a clue that Alex Gamble will attempt Task #067 in New Orleans on March 4th?