Following Ophelia's coded message of "Find the Shaggy Man", the hunters have been looking for her father. "Mitchell" (first name not known), founded Groundswell but is no longer with that organization.

However, the Union wants to destroy and invention of his, the O-Magnet. Repomen are advised to pretend they are runners if they are able to find and contact this person. More details can be found in this posting on the Repoman Pink Slip database.

Here is what we know of Shaggy Man

  • A Map purporting to lead to the Shaggy Man was passed to a repoman at the Training Film in Irvine, CA. Click on this link to see a photo of the map.

Note: The owner of, Leslie Evan of LA, is not involved with this hunt and has asked that Repomen do not contact him by e-mail, phone or in person. (And shame on LoneShark for not warning him, or better, making him the contact.)