Please note down your calls, from whom, details of conversation, and please separate by call (if you got multiple calls).



Call #1:

  • From NY number
  • I hung up pretty much immediately, after he asked if it was me.

I texted back the NY number, asking him to call me tomorrow.

Call #2:

  • From Private Number
  • He said that he heard I was looking for him
  • Told me he was having fun, driving down the I-95 in the NC/Virginia area


Call #1:

  • Asked if I had been to Denver.
  • Mentioned Ciji cannot be trusted.
  • Said his task was complete after 1 minute.

Call #2:

  • Asked about my location/profession.
  • Mentioned he was struggling.
  • A gambler, plays poker.
  • In the Northwest
  • The runners receive $1,000.00 a week for expenses.

Call #3:

  • Asked about my last name.
  • Asked again about my location (why ask twice?)


Note: all texts are from a number later confirmed to belong to an accomplice. They are left up for posterity, but are likely to be misdirection and shouldn't be taken at face value. I currently have no reason to disbelieve the call's authenticity.

Text exchange #1 (all texts [sic]):

GC: How was the cabaret?

Will: Lovely captivating though I could have used another twist in my cocktail

GC: So how's the weather where you are? If it's cold out, I do hope they'll at least let you smoke in the bars there...

Will: Nope its been banned for some time here

Call #1:

  • Said he'd give me a clue; he "wears a uniform" (not surprising for ex-military)...
  • ...Went on to clarify that he wasn't wearing one at the time, but did claim to be wearing "weird pieces of clothing"
  • Addressed me by real name, not alias
  • Connection fuzzy, hung up at 0:56 to avoid task completion

Text exchange #2:

GC: Prepaid phones have such great sound, huh? Odd clothes. Out of season, out of place?

Will: Yes well with technology these days its tough to tell the difference. Let's just say they're out of ordinary but they stick out like a sore thumb

PaulzLawlz (Anthonyy)

Call #1.

  • Tried to make small talk.
  • Said he was a block south from Maine street, could also be Main.

Call # 2, 3 & 4

Didn't answer. Left voicemails

  1. Said "One flew west, one flew east, One flew over the cuckoo's nest, be contacting you shortly"
  2. Replied to a tweet i mentioned about him, "I do like your voice, if you don't answer the next time i call, you're never getting your seven grand
  3. Wasn't sure if it was him "Hey Paul, this is will calling just wanted to let you know that I'm at Forever 21 in the ladies section, and i was going to pick up a pair of crotchless panties. I was wondwering if i should pick up something for you as well. Just call me back at *Gives number*

Call 5

  1. Asked if i had any questions.
  2. Wouldn't give any real info except he wasn't going to make this easy for us
  3. Asked if he knew anything on the other runners, said "Nope except that ciji is kinda hot"


File Name: repo-will3.mp3 File Size: 68 KB Download Link: is (941) 504-7282 an AT&T cell traced to Sarasota, FL - caller left a voicemail.

File Name: repo-will2.mp3 File Size: 807 KB Download Link: is from (503) 642-2260 a land line traced to Sandra McGonigal in Hillsboro, OR

File Name: repo-will1.mp3 File Size: 949 KB Download Link: is from (618) 789-3212 a T-Mobile phone traced to Collinsville, IL - (22 miles from St. Louis) - I was on the move and failed to keep the conversation less than 2 minutes.