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Screenshots from the Animated comic can be found here: Second half of these photos.

Apparently, the barcodes just read out the name of the person in the credits, but the obvious Wizard of Oz image and the Clock both seem to be significant clues.


The seconds hand on the first clock moved from :54 to nearly :00 during the frames it was displayed. The second hand on the second clock did not move.

The meaning of this clue has not yet been determined.

Wizard of Oz pictureEdit


The numbers above each head may refer to tasks.

  • 882 Attend a free public lecture of any kind. (This task has yet to be assigned)
  • 127 Attend any kind of outdoor fair or festival. (Alex was assigned this task on 3/18)
  • 705 Take a 2-minute video of yourself in a public place and send it to us. (Alex succeeded at this task on 3/16)
  • 663 See the movie that won Best Picture in this year’s Academy Awards. (Will failed to perform this task on 3/16.)

Interesting to note that the matching tasks were assigned by Argus, both on 3/16.

Picture in Doctor's OfficeEdit

It is not known if the image behind the doctor near the end of the movie is a clue.